community O2O, a forged air outlet?

do not believe, you see there are many assumptions in this field:

some people think that if he can often sell cigarettes to you, then you will believe him, from him to buy a cell phone;

Some people think that

can control the distribution channels;

some people think that you can sell health cards to high-end consumers, because the gym will give you a high commission;

some people think that the rich can be sold overseas purchasing products, because they have purchasing power;

some people think that the rich can sell financial products;

some people think that the property can control the community channel;

some people think that by selling eggs, he can solve the problem of food safety.

there is one of the most cruel people in the world.

see how cruel he is:


property costs less than 2.5 yuan, with property owners are not passers-by is the enemy;

is currently one of the best business distribution company is hungry, Baidu takeaway, new service, in addition, no business model was born;

the best way to do the logistics container is to join Ali rookie network, many companies sell fruit in the container, but I think the fruits are not interested in what SF;

Most of the

through the media to buy egg to the elderly, then as long as it is not your own farm, you must not know what hit pesticides; open your own farm, but found it confused the food crisis is wrong;

fitness center to meet the needs of high-end customers


selling cigarettes is selling cigarettes, he can sell crabs, but can not afford to sell the phone;

property costs more than 3 yuan, the property company than you also understand the owners of the habit, there is no need to share with you;

purchasing? Rich than you go to the United States, Japan, a lot of times!

high-end customers need financial advisers, rather than the so-called high interest rate products;

people of different classes, different ages, different regions, how they live, this is a difficult question.

many people look back at the community O2O project from 2014 to 2015, the final summary of the total said, they do not have a good control of the cost of promotion, his products are not good, and so on. However, whether we recognize a problem, all failed projects have made a mistake – almost all of these projects demand assumptions are false proposition!

demand, demand and demand. The most ridiculous thing in the world is not the so-called demand that entrepreneurs believe exists.

the reason is simple: the Internet people use a variety of methods

How many startups have been killed in the last mile

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