from 05 years on the constant stop to do the station, no one is able to stick to it! Feel the search engine is now the day has passed! I believe SEO will soon become history.

OK, the premise that the website must have user value, otherwise it is only now that I was an utterly inadequate measure! I do website for example: 168 online free fortune teller believe everyone will pay attention to their own fate, the user viscosity is relatively high. In addition to their hobbies, do a website like this!

I have many search engines without trust, he will die sooner or later!

first, Baidu Post Bar! As long as you send a not too advertising advertising is generally not be deleted, Post Bar itself is one place to send advertising, promotional content on their website and related forum, open daily traffic statistics top! Can be dozens of to hundreds.

use blog promotion, personal recommendation Baidu, Tencent, Sina, a very personality of the net and a character avatar, connection or title top in the space set up their own website! Published a few times article, started to click on the blog! We should pay attention to all passengers, Bo has a recent visitors this function! Bloggers can see other visitors can see your net and head a lot of personality people will point! Every day can also be dozens of to hundreds of! It depends on individual effort


also has a more vast recruitment promotion method!! users registered in the 4 major domestic well-known recruitment website, fill do hot recruitment, every day on a update! The enterprise can find you every day! You will see your site every day! Can also be dozens of


you don’t laugh at me! This is not the way


Alternative website promotion

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