do local station, to aim at the market, see the form, and then examine the rival site, take measures to surprise. Do the station is hard work, but perseverance, I was in Yueyang, a Yueyang hotline want to wait for the support and love you. Oh, I would simply say, master drifting!

first, the content is always king, this is the number of sites and a commonplace talk of an old scholar, there is no difference. For local sites, the first breakthrough should do big, do not blindly to the pursuit of what portal ah what do big, do small! Step by step, do not act with undue haste. Secondly, to highlight local characteristics. This is actually very important, so that people who visit the site has a kind of feeling. Page to be clear, the classification should be concise, my station is now mainly to do classification information, bigger and then integrate news.

second, if you have the conditions, first with the local news portal website cooperation, such as the opening of a column connection (such as the site is no news section), and the content is provided by the cooperation website and update. In fact, this kind of site is also very willing to cooperate in this regard, to bring them to the flow is also considerable. Can do it, then it is very good, it is a good difference.

third, in collaboration with local Internet cafes, Internet cafes to set up a website for the IE home page or a URL link is built on the desktop, and you need to do is to open up a page link on the front page to do, or open a channel for Internet advertising. Internet cafe staff mobility, which allows more people to know your site, expand local visibility.

fourth, in cooperation with local well-known forum, forum link to start, but also promote the local well-known post in the forum, if it is a partner, to a top of what should not be a problem, or find a handwritten local things, should not delete /p>! "

fifth, there should be a lot of activities in the local, think of ways to become a sponsor of the event, for the event to do promotional activities. Corresponding to the merchant’s posters, activities on the label marked website LOGO and links. Is an occasion to rally the feeling.

sixth, the analysis of the competition, I do Yueyang hotline before analysis, Yueyang hotline someone doing, but do not, ASP program is very old, with a classified information website, the speed is very slow, so I think for this website I should be able to defeat. This is very important, is a magic weapon to conquer others rival analysis.

method is not much, I hope you have a little use, please indicate the source of the Meizu M8 forum webmaster to provide you with a lot of bad advice!

A brief analysis of local station promotion methods

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