in the third quarter of 2009, the home industry is a warmer period, most of the domestic enterprises have begun to recover. The three quarter of 2009 Home Furnishing industry pillar industries: furniture, home textile, home furnishings have different degrees of growth and recovery, including furniture and furnishings rose is quite obvious.

in the past few years, furniture brands have TV, radio and newspapers is enough, but now more and more important network marketing position. Household enterprises began to advertise on the Internet, do brand promotion, and with the network to achieve direct sales. Under the financial crisis, the network is very active in the market warming. Combined with the current situation of our company’s network marketing how to do? Here is a personal idea

people are more powerful, mobilize employees to use the web site without marketing:

site marketing is mainly refers to the situation in the absence of independent web site, and rely on the network marketing. Every employee of our company can have no site network marketing, now is the Web2.0 era, can release a lot of network information platform, such as BBS, blog, classification information, Q & a website, etc..

specific practices are as follows:

1 blog marketing: QQ space, Sohu blog, NetEase blog, Sina blog I want to play 80% of the people, but we stay in the entertainment. Another point if every employee should have a Home Furnishing product class blog, each a product Home Furnishing blog, each blog updated daily an article of furniture related articles, these articles with which we can product brand, product material, the price of similar products, comparative information, these are consumers want to know. They attract browsing no problem. As long as the blog left our contact information, the business will naturally send. And greatly enhance the visibility of our company’s brand.

simple calculation of a data:

1:1 personal

1: each blog

2: each blog updated 2 articles a day


300 days per year

10: each article every day online exposure times

1*1*2*300*10=6000 (Times)

according to the 2/8 principle: 100 people see our information may have 20 personal consultation, according to the 2/8 principle: there may be 20 orders 100 people to consult, so here is our year through the blog into a single number.

6000*20%*20%=240 (single / year) on average every two days there will be only a single blog to bring us 1.

our company is doing all high-end furniture, furniture profit margins in the 500-2000240*500=12 million……

2 forum marketing, category >

Through the network marketing every 2 days a single transaction experience

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