With the current

website program released new business program, build a portal is no longer what difficult to build, today we are going to discuss here is not a web application, but a website to build the framework, we should how to operate; the people for more than two years of local station operation management and all the webmaster we use examples to discuss the exchange! I Jianyang network from the beginning to the depth: ready to fill up promotion operation.

The first step of

preparation: site selection procedures; if you do a local portal site, I suggest that we still use DZ and phpwind to complete the community program, because the area has portal is an important feature of interaction must be stronger; with the general information website are not comparable; the current state of the Forum’s supervision more and more, but please believe that national information administration is not against us the formal site, if sensitive information on the site of the keywords you do filtering, basically should be no problem.

The second step:

forum planning; new local portal should not open a lot of columns; I have seen some new local sites, set up at least twenty pages or more, ask the webmaster how much of your energy to complete the program management and perfect; my suggestion is to open the four version 1, interactive (below 3); 2, small column column life (irrigation, marriage, home, family, friends); 3, classified information (real estate, recruitment, commodity trading); 4, forum administration section and above; fine specific layout; we can also refer to my current website "Jianyang net" a maximum of two days, Baidu will update.

The third step:

content filling; they all know that want to get better search engine rankings of original content is unavoidable, but where we have so much energy to complete the original content? Yes, we can use false original tools, the website long published content, the number should be at the station is the most, the best of each release an article by a pseudo original tool, and then manually modify, especially titles.

fourth registered Ma3 jia3: when you see this webmasters may not to regard it as right, but I can tell you, according to a newly established community portal area, Adsense Ma3 jia3 absolutely not less; the release of the article, after rotation Ma3 jia3 release; with your promotion, vest the power can not be ignored; below I will say. Early promotion vest.

The fifth step: a

online promotion point is also very important; many webmaster that is offline promotion, I can use their own experience to warn you, the consequences of doing so is very passive; if your site for local network line in the absence of effective promotion, let the local network users do not know your site case of offline promotion, the effect is not so good as you think! Of course too absolute, but if you do not line began to promote the next line, the effort, time and money will be beyond your budget; here again.

The six step to explore the operation method of local portal

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