Baidu with a new round of raids, especially the soft soft medical drugs again affected, the media have warned, "the article" refused to certain drugs "refused to Moumou words article", all of a sudden a lot of "affected" enterprises not the backbone, was released on the manuscript, now all do not go out, how to do? My ranking will not fall, how to do? How to restore the loss, how to meet the taste of Baidu to write a good soft Wen? Xiao Bian think:

    1, seize the highlights, find the entry point. First of all, one of the key points of the medical soft is to understand the user psychology, analysis of patients want to know what? Why do you want to know this? What are the highlights of our hospital to seize the hearts of patients? Secondly, to reflect on their own, and find out the differences with competitors, looking for "bright spot", is a more advanced technology, more attentive service, or more preferential price, the article to let patients see the benefits of having substance in speech. Third, the use of the current hot spots, of course, is the best and the enterprise has a hot topic? For example, from a common pathological phenomenon? Another example is the recent earthquake, H7N9 bird flu prevention and control the disease from how to do, and so on, have some of the characteristics of knowledge and the prevention or subtly linked their own business, as long as you find the starting point, the others are relatively easy. Therefore, the medical category of soft text is a focus of attention to the needs of patients in a timely manner.

2, medical soft Wen title is a punchline. The importance of news headlines, as it is to make the finishing point, also lost the title, title. First of all, the enterprise website name must be included in the title, the two communication network plays an important role, but the title is the first show in front of Internet users, Internet users how to make eyes bright, have a strong desire to click on the title, choosing the good, it is easy to catch the attention of Internet users, it is the charm of this title. However, with the "best XXX hospital? So the best hospital "have been arrested, Baidu has a vague ambiguity and the title" enthusiasm blow "to these, how do we deal with this phenomenon? Is to continue to hold the "hardcore" opportunistic wide net ", or another way. Xiaobian that did not recover the original simplicity of a road. Why do we always in the best, the best XX words that hang on, even if Baidu does not check, consumers can not accept. Patients with heart and think to find a way to the results of a search on that, is "the best, the best, I was dizzy, you must have fainted. Go impetuous, Nanjing XX hospital for you to illuminate the XXX (disease name) on the road of darkness, may be bright, pure and simple tend to be more close to the patient’s mood!

    3, medical soft promotion is a protracted war, not fishing for three days, two days. Many companies are very interesting, why do you say so? They often consult Xiao Bian, always ask, "Hello, do you think we should send a few words to let our website keywords to Baidu"

The face of the new situation, how to seek a new breakthrough in medical soft Wen

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