learning site is probably more than a year, has been doing a movie station, is the use of the Marx program, done for a period of time, every day to more than and 200 ip. was later Baidu K. Also because of the program itself a little problem, the site closed. Today, I saw an article that Marx film program is now a powerful Baidu K, I do not know what is the use of this program owners feel.

the movie station after clearance, later also reached the stock market is like a raging fire, but also because of this reason, he created a stock forum,

name Fengyun stock forum http://s.007ww.cn/ is used to do the movie stand domain name.

forum to maintain the popularity of special difficulties, talk about my experience it, we want to have some help.

1 clear positioning, do what you like to be interested in, because the success of a website is the most important to adhere to, if only by a moment of enthusiasm is difficult to succeed.

2 content is king, you can bring your customers want things, which is the basis for the development of the site, if you do garbage station.


3 of your competitors, and you do is the same type of website, see their website structure, finally find a popular website, see how they optimize their website, this time you need to do is imitate. They can do so successfully, there must be a reason for.

4 to promote, where your potential customers, QQ group, portal site blog, Baidu group, Post Bar, Baidu know, find the relevant type of website links.

5 original, try to write some of the original article, if the copy of the article, the title must be changed, as far as possible to change the first paragraph.

5 focus on persistence. Adhere to adhere to adhere to.

hope everyone can succeed.

My experience and experience in the promotion of the Forum

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