[Abstract] in addition to carpool service and automatic driving, they’re more and more technical details. In order to sell cars, traditional car companies have begun to get together to invest in taxi software. In the last one or two years, car companies have become more frequent in the search for the future.


The total number of investment transactions and changes of

automobile technology market (Tencent technology plan)

in addition, there are a number of start-up companies eyeing the smart car. Their goal is very clear, even if you can not stay in this market, the car company is also a good way to buy.

so, you can see more and more startups want to do something in the field of smart cars. Even with all the competition of the taxi service and automatic driving.

in March this year, GM spent $1 billion acquisition of Cruise. From the end of last year, Comma.ai will spare no effort to cause the attention of Elon Musk · also, Tesla wants to be bought, or become the supplier. At the same time, it also got $200 million investment in a16z.

in addition, NuTonomy behind the government funding for research and development projects, but also in various countries and regions live well. Some of the Singapore airport shuttle cars have been replaced by their own cars.

in addition to the market often appear in the headlines, there are some start-up companies eyeing the smart car more technical part. They are very difficult to do the overall demand, mostly by providing a professional skill to improve efficiency and save money for a large company. For example, the $more than 80 thousand Google lidar on the top of a driverless car is too expensive. The company, which is called Quanergy, said it would reduce the cost of a single lidar to about $100 by 2018.

it comes up with the idea of an algorithm that predicts the possible obstacles and then scans the laser. This saves less energy than real-time panoramic scans, and not so much hardware.

in strategic investment to one of the world’s largest auto parts suppliers Delphi before 2014 Quanergy A round of financing of $30 million.

similar to the battery management system to do the envia, trying to save the cost of motor ePower.

At the same time

, LaddarTech and Trilumina are trying to use LED lights and infrared laser is replaced, the completion of real scan mapping. The two quickly reduced the cost of laser radar.

third types of companies, is not very good at the technical side of the car company.


Smart cars have become a new target for start-up companies, they are roughly three categories

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