drops in the annual meeting, CEO dimensional speech. He said that the car market this year will be the most critical year, car landing policy is the milepost car market.

Cheng Wei said that the next 5-10 years will be heavily invested in the proportion of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles will be more than half of the platform, or even more than 70%. In addition, the optimization of big data, through to carpool, driver scheduling efficiency, unmanned era and the popularization of new energy vehicles, the future car costs will be 5 to 10 years by the platform fell by more than half.


for the network about cars and taxis, Cheng Wei believes that "today about the car and taxi network has the same requirements, only liberalized market pricing, I believe 2017 will be the emergence of new species, this species is new in the world, is the market network about the car company."

in addition, Cheng Wei also believes that the policy landing car market is actually a milepost. "Today we work hard in training capacity, the traditional taxi companies and leasing companies, helping them to evolve into a better service company under the new policy, with a market-oriented approach to operation, improve efficiency and experience."

the following is the full text of Cheng Wei lecture:

all of the oranges are small, welcome home! Time soon, this is our fourth annual meeting, there are more than 6 thousand and 800 small orange people from all over the country today, back to Beijing from all over the world, in our annual Party. Yesterday I saw a circle of friends have a lot of people in the scraper, five o’clock in the morning I saw the valley master’s circle of friends, just after the last rehearsal home. Last year we will also visible before the eyes of the year, it is because of our committee, our cultural team, our administrative department, all the students in the pursuit of the ultimate intentions to give you a beautiful experience, we look forward to meeting this. Let’s give all of our organizing committee a little applause!

we have more than 6 thousand and 800 little orange people gathered today, welcome home, especially from the regional students, more than and 100 regions to the front-line customer service, frontline staff, welcome to our home, we have worked hard!

today also hope to use our warm applause, welcome the first time with the big family in the new year’s Uber Chinese students. Today, there is the first appearance of the United States Institute of research team, you are welcome to come back, although today only a dozen students, but do not worry. Finally, I think all the little orange people use our passion and enthusiasm to welcome today came to the scene of the driver drops and drops on behalf of the families, we have worked hard! In 2016, we work hard, congratulations to all the little orange people congratulate drops of achievements, I wish you a happy New Year, I wish u all the best

New Year!4 years ago,

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Miles dimension efforts to standardize the network about the car to improve the proportion of new en

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