Internet economy has demonstrated its powerful VAILLANT, from the double 11 promotion this year, only Tmall reached 13 billion 200 million, Taobao reached 5 billion 900 million, the total consumption of up to 2% of the total economy of our country, the shocking data showing all of the network for the enterprise is a huge market. Called e-commerce Godfather Ma was slightly exaggerated, said: today you do not e-commerce, five years later you will be able to do business." Now it seems this is true, enterprises are aware of the importance of the network market, have to invest energy and funds to carry out their control of network marketing.

in the process of developing network marketing, need to pay attention to many problems of modern economics in the "broken window theory" on how to carry out network marketing enterprises, to avoid some common and important problems have a good warning. What we call the "broken window theory" originated from a famous crime experiment, even in the United States District of New York to observe the experiment, if the window of a house is broken, will soon be completely destroyed and stolen an empty, inspired by the police, the two cars were placed in a different the area of the broken windows of the car was stolen, and the other one is to ensure the integrity of the window but in the area of high incidence of crime is safe and sound. The theory is called the "broken window theory", refers to the parties concerned, if you have any bad stains, it is easy to be affected by the stain will continue to enlarge, and then have a greater impact and harm.

for aspiring to develop network marketing for the enterprise, "broken window theory" is applied in network marketing, enterprises are often reflected in the spot, such as complaints and negative evaluation of the most common enterprise is like a broken window, if once the "broken windows", will be amplified stain and corporate image damage event next, it will bring negative impact directly to the enterprise network marketing effect, in view of this situation, enterprises need to guard against and properly handle similar "broken windows" incident, to prevent the negative impact even is expanding:

one is to avoid negative evaluation on the network.

on the network freedom of speech is likely to cause all kinds of opinions of the spread of rumors rampant, even if costs are very low, very easy to be amplified and spread rapidly, in order to ensure the image and reputation of the enterprise, to prevent the negative evaluation possible, especially the negative evaluation of the product or service, which requires we must start from the source, good products and services, with high quality products and service to customer satisfaction, so as to avoid because of customer dissatisfaction and negative evaluation is given on the network and complaint information etc.. More and more consumers are accustomed to search for information about a product or service before consumption, if there is negative information will inevitably lead to serious damage to the enterprise network marketing, resulting in poor sales of products and services, which is the enterprise must first be in the self do network marketing.

two is to properly deal with the emergence of negative complaints and evaluation.


The broken window theory enterprise development network marketing warning to prevent the three thing

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