do network promotion friends are making good use of some of the popular network events, combined with their own website or product theme to promote. For example, in January 12th, Baidu was black, and the few hours after various news and hype around the Internet, to raise a Babel of criticism of. My blog has also benefited from the publication of a related log, the following is part of the visit statistics.


next talk about the use of hot events to promote the network when you need to pay attention to a few key, perhaps you can help promote the event to do more valuable.

first: timeliness of events. That is to say, the article should be published in the shortest time. From the point of view of the search engine, easier access to the top ranking.

second: accuracy of content. At the same time, the editor should focus on highlighting the key words of the event, and add to the tile and description part of the key highlights. This is the basic knowledge of SEO, do not repeat. Of course, the quality of the content can not be ignored, not only to write and write.

third: the article is written, can not be a good promotion, still can not attract more visitors. Many people are used to contribute articles to the major sites, this is a more effective way. However, due to the authority of the site are basically limited to the chain, the web is difficult to get extra weight in a short time. I strongly recommend that you also will be repeated and submitted to the search engine web address in the network favorites website, the necessary circumstances can even through the way of blog reproduced to properly increase the chain of the page, so as to improve the web page in the search engine ranking and weighting. To sum up, that is why my blog article in the Google Blog search keywords Baidu was black and other related keywords ranking first reason.

original articles published in Deng Wei’s network promotion blog reprint please keep the link.

Make use of popular events to do a few key network promotion

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