October 2005

day, Xinxiang life network www.3731.cn birth, life portal, portal site and all columns, cover and contain everything. Popularity has kept soaring, about 100 thousand of the daily flow. Xinxiang has become one kind of life has been on the portal site, do Sogou alliance or other alliance earn a penny. The second half of 2007 website revision, has changed 3 times, there has been no clear positioning, the users also lost a lot, has been reduced from 100 thousand to 30 thousand, 10 thousand flow rate 50 thousand, 8 thousand, until the end of the 800 independent IP, January 2008 day, Xinxiang life network Broadsword broad axe, a new revision, give up all the column, concentrate on living classified information, the profit pattern: let more people to publish classified information for free, in order to attract popularity, eye-catching text or picture advertising fees. At this point, only 300 of the daily independent IP. Although the flow of the portal is large, but the number of visitors to the field, it is difficult to truly local commercial, local advertisers in this advertising is difficult to have a good advertising effect. This is also the main reason for the loss of our advertisers. Now the site’s daily fixed independent IP has about 500, has been on the rise, mostly in the Xinxiang area IP. Every day there is a release of information, most users are released in the region, a small number of foreign companies advertising information.

www.3731.cn have a certain post information, is mainly propaganda work, first printed publicity a name card, printed 6000, spent 200 yuan, and then start looking for part-time staff sent to distribute leaflets, plan is the first step for downtown merchants, the second step in the downtown area for contact person. For merchants on the first day sent 3000 cards. Just second days after the end, there is a real estate developer called to talk about advertising in the past. They set a 2 month ad, the original price of $800 / month advertising position, after bargaining, the monthly turnover of 500 yuan, the customer directly to the advertising costs of $1000.

calculate the cost, 3000 name card costs 100 yuan, 45 yuan to send personnel to the RMB, a total of 145 yuan, he pulled a thousand dollars of advertising.

also need to point out, Xinxiang life network in the development process, and several local strong media has become good partners: a well-known DM magazine, a radio station, two well-known recruitment website. In their media, there are Xinxiang life network advertising. Of course, in Xinxiang life network also has their advertising. This is also one of the important factors advertisers decided to live in Xinxiang network advertising.

had a small income, of course, need to continue efforts to plan for the next step to more advertising, posters posted on campus, for merchants to send phone companies for name card, and for the community and individuals to the convenience of information card. Publicity theme: Based on Xinxiang, convenient life!

Before the

has been on the corporate website for profit. "

Xinxiang life net local entity operation plan

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