before many online chat friends are transformation of professional Indoorsman opened the shop, see the original movie, play WOW (presumably recently did not have to play, ha ha ~), chat bubble MM, listening to music…… Slowly evolved into a network to make money. Look at the last couple of years such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as spring up Wangzhuan station to know now how many people want to earn a pot of gold by Internet.

then I’ll talk about how to build a successful shop

1: choose a good online shop platform

domestic platform does not need to say:

Taobao huge user base, China’s Web site has always been fixed in the first few, the first choice of the shop.

patted on the huge QQ user group is also a bit to see drops.

yes there is Baidu search to the community of the mobile phone, do a little effect.

eBay advantage gone for ever, according to the transaction charge someone took no money to lose money

2: select a source of advantage

price is very important online shopping groups first look at the quality of the price is the mentality of buyers.

quality is also to ensure that the 100 transaction there are several bad enough for you to receive so the quality must be guaranteed.

goods "hot and cold" collocation is more forward in the online trading rankings for digital products and clothing, so as to now is oversupply, it seems to me that the market share has almost full, all in the price war, new goods or sell better, with the college entrance examination choose professional almost, ha ha.

3: goods shelves

has a certain level of image processing, the watermark to these basic skills, can learn to learn, not empty words, is living together with the watermark, then select picture storage space, the mainstream album now have closed chain function, QQ, 163, Baidu and so on, because of the large number of pictures outside the chain affect the normal operation of the server, and albums such as: Bobbi bean, free of restrictions, most do not support the chain, enough space to put dozens of pictures here, I recommend to you a photo album, I also used my album " speed, and the interface is good the. I checked the server or double, intelligent analysis is really under the original capital. The next category, there are art ability can do some small specific classification map, can go to Taobao to see other people’s style, imitation or a few dollars to hire someone to help you fiddled. The name of the goods as far as possible to highlight the theme, do not write a lot of people do not know what you sell… The appropriate decoration language is OK, don’t overdo it. The goods can be used under the shop page template, now many online shop templates, you can be changed with the. The more detailed the product description… And then illustrated, attract buyers > with their ink slowly again

Thousand dollars a month is how to build the shop

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