you may have heard a rumor, rumor network encourages readers to release no confirmed the exact rumors, users can participate in the review by providing clues, canvassing votes, participation of the parties and decrypt form, together with the exposed material, mining, participation, secret to meet people’s psychological adventures. The products and services provided by the network rumors is "products and services meet the psychological needs of people in some people and the psychological needs can be met through the website? I think of a joke, watching others talk" psychological needs. Of course, this requirement can not be said to be dark, because there are too many people love to talk big, do advance notice that fact is a hero, when it comes to do is the joke, joke and everyone enjoy the love hero.

can set up big heroes and big bear list, of course, the heroes enter, can not realize that is the bear list.

can boast by web sites and Internet users through the Internet search and release, and encourage users to vote tickets and tickets, believe suspect involved in the review, after the announcement of the results, according to the users of the voting right or not to reward.

users can collect the release of big talk, to see a joke, do a prediction, hero, see the bear can also boast of their happiness within, and through public commitment way to supervise their own efforts to achieve their goals, otherwise they will bear on the list.

whether you are released about, or reproduced big people, you can through this website, entertainment, prediction, reference and inspirational, you can also through the big secret story behind the big figures, more anecdotal characters.

big net, a netizen entertainment platform, to provide a reward to the majority of users, see the hero bear platform, of course this big network can not introduce themselves, big network can say: big network to urge people to do a few things "for business purposes, to establish the integrity of the community! Haha!

big, relaxed and happy I can help you as soon as possible to the success of the website. You can design the specific content, it is only to provide a creative. creative new customer network (Yin Hui) based qq:337172412 group: 13119606

China 100 Internet CEO panoramic survey:

Website big net, a light entertainment information network

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