with the addition of the Internet platform, e-waste recycling is gradually evolving from the line to the line.

since the release of apple iPhone6 listing, a wave of replacement incoming tide. The popularity of the smart phone market has brought an increasing number of e-waste. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, the latest release of "electronic garbage recycling resources" China report, an annual output of nearly 3 million tons of electronic waste, electronic waste after the largest United States, and continues to grow every year.

how to timely, scientific and environmentally friendly transformation and treatment of these e-waste, not only is the environmental issues, but also become a keen business to the gold rush. When the waste recycling business into e-commerce, sell a variety of fresh gameplay ": big data, cross-border, C2B, financial supermarket…… But whether it is good fun, or the user has the final say.

C2B bid, wait for the receipt of

in Shanghai, the pursuit of electronic products fresh users may not unfamiliar with "love" for recycling, the second-hand electronic products in the Internet site, to the first C2B and the auction recovery profit model, the first to take up the segments of the crab.

data show that the current Shanghai 100 thousand day trading second-hand mobile phone, if we can get 10% share, every day there are 10 thousand capacity; and the electronic products are easy to carry, compared to home appliances, for logistics transactions required minimum requirements. After seeing this problem, the main business of love recycling in the mobile phone, game consoles, digital cameras and other second-hand electronic products.

not long ago, love recycling completed the second round of nearly $10 million in financing. The main investor is the world bank group member companies IFC (IFC), the other party is Morningside capital. The latter has successfully invested in Millet technology and product network, and is the second time to inject capital into the company.

capital is optimistic about the premise that is recognized by the user. Open the "love recovery" website, users only need to publish information in accordance with the requirements of idle product type, color, function condition, the system will automatically be sent to the recycling business to enter the site, collected at the same time recyclers offer, less than 10 minutes, users can receive a quote message. If you are willing to dispose of the product will be idle, the site will send someone to buy the door, pay the money on the spot, the whole process of users do not spend a penny.

behind this, is a lively recovery: bidding process with more than and 100 second-hand recyclers love recycling contract, the basic message received by mobile terminal user product, start bidding, finally higher offer information will be sent to the mobile phone users.

is the opposite of the shopping B2C model, which is the C2B model from the user to the merchant. It seems that in the recovery of love, B terminal may be a large factory, it may be small businesses, their demand is to receive more second-hand goods re-use. For the C side of the user, they have been placed on the idle items, is not conducive to the recycling of resources

E-waste recycling into electricity supplier bidding C2B wait for delivery

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