recent music can be said to stand to the attention of the market in the teeth of the storm, just in the United States at the BigBang conference, not only won the Wall Street journal is highly positive on the ecological model, claiming that "the unique music as the ecological model, there is no corresponding" with a western company, is the first time to split into two LETV terminal part of the hardware and software, build a set of "ecosystem platform + content + hardware + software + application" five elements of vertical integration, horizontal open. Since August and LETV reached a strategic cooperation golden home network, as the dark horse of this year in the Internet business, but also frequently shot, only three months to make cooperation between enterprises have achieved good results, and the golden homes network linkage model of multi product and its unique "ecological home" is enough to make full of the inside and outside of the industry curious.

just over a month ago, the original golden home network "915 Home Carnival" announced that from September 8th -9 month 15 days within seven days on turnover exceeded 11 billion 800 million, of which the music products in the whole big promotion occupies a space for one person in the commodity. LETV TV 1 yuan, buy a house, 50 percent off seckill panic buying music as a super TV, music products group purchase, golden home network gives preferential larger than the music itself, attracted a lot of attention to the two users of the product. At the same time, as a strategic partner of the music, more than 919 fans festival in music as mall Opening Ecological auction spree, decoration provided by golden homes net value of 36919 yuan to 1 yuan in the starting price, also attracted a large number of fans and the golden home network attention to snatch the film, there is no doubt that the golden home network and music brings cooperation before unimaginable benefits to their customers.

"915 Home Carnival" success not only let the present Internet consumption gene users tasted the sweetness, but also attracted other businesses over golden home network. When consumers download golden home network APP, not only can browse to Minmetals, Biguiyuan, Shi Mao and other well-known real estate developers of real estate information, but also can enjoy the beauty of the bear, TCL and other well-known home appliance in the home network exclusive gold price. From real estate, household appliances, furniture, home decoration, no matter which one product line, you can find the well-known brands, these brands are visible such as music as good golden homes and home network business model unique ecological system, hope that through the Internet to increase the attraction of each other.

in fact, as early as last year, when the golden home online line, the chairman of Mr. Yang Bo to convey to the public the golden home network to home as the core business concept. It is "create free household consumption ecology based on core value, promote economic and social commercial civilization" concept of golden home network to create a set of "golden home network", "home finance", "home cloud" three plate as one of the "ecological home". User centric, based on the needs of real estate, and then meet the needs of the user’s decoration, housekeeping, home appliances and other additional demand for furniture. Online layout of real estate, home improvement, home appliances, home, home, car, travel, medical, financial, financial and other household consumption port, to the user >

Multi product music is only the beginning of the golden home network in the next big chess game

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