September 2013, Dangdang announced change fashion electricity supplier. January 2014, Jingdong launched the Shang Jingdong, officially launched fashion strategy. In August 2014, ushered in a women’s fashion shopping Carnival Festival spoiled". 08 2014 23, entitled "the goddess’s new clothes" program came into being, the program by the "goddess" "fashion design" "T" a "auction" and other fashion elements, that is subversive to the domestic TV entertainment program changes the meaning of the program, and hand success is Tmall. Four of buyers are from Tmall, rarely appeared in public electricity supplier bigwigs, now not only can zero distance of the goddess goddess, but also the price tag, decided the fate of the goddess. Don’t know who the high cold goddess who is what turns the auction of tens of thousands of tens of thousands, it is my heart. So, this program for the electricity supplier brand what impact consumers who pay?

broadcast by a program, Tmall goddess new dresses synchronization sale, the brand is not the best goddess avatar in a flagrant way, but also the name of the goddess of the banner, as the hot search keywords, have launched the goddess of the same paragraph. With tens of thousands of ask the goddess for their endorsement, from this perspective, the business is earned. Four home buyers with ten buy the copyright, there is only a low-key launch of the search bar, some with large carousel launch special goddess. Four buyer on behalf of the brand are science, Li, Yan man, Eve ASOBIO, the four brand is Tmall operating more mature businesses, from the computer on TV, like Chen ou, on behalf of the brand image, Yan man left the author’s impression from the original with a literary big girl two strange pigtail, turns head light bright Fang Jianhua. Furthermore, like all the traditional advertising, Tmall will implant a variety show, with the goddess soup boil stew out of the fashion feast, after all, can attract some fans to pay attention to the brand. Coupled with the influence of television media itself, the electricity supplier brand has a platform for publicity, you can expand the scope of the brand publicity.

on the other hand, this form of advertising is limited to show the influence of Jiangsu shipping occupy the geographical advantage of the Oriental TV program seems to be selling on the goddess, and ignore the new link, beautiful stage effect took the main clothing. From the two video programs lead, the first selling point is Zhi Lin sister suxiongbanlu, second is the Divine Comedy "little apple", Zhi Lin sister bosom everywhere, little apple has Huobian street at the end of the two, and are really not half dime. In the current hot variety show, there will be a variety of friction and discord, but finally bury the hatchet, Chinese, exquisite and even fake, the audience also need to look at the fashion, which is to say the positive energy. But the "goddess’s new clothes", but with too much ink depicts a goddess of discord between, not harmonious manufacturing selling point, it can only make a partial loss of audience, thus weakening the program on the electricity supplier brand influence.

that consumers really buy

Goddess’s new clothes for viewers to pay Mody

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