now, more and more people like online sales. In fact, the success of online sales is not a difficult task. Today, let’s share some of the online sales experience.

first, you need to look closely at the price of your products and the price of similar products. For example, your sales of products  
is worth, like in the past two or three weeks of online product price and how to wait, in order to obtain some key information and data. If possible, you have to know how many people have read your online advertising, how many people in the sale of your products and how to bid.

secondly, it is very important to decide whether to sell the product by auction or fixed price. You also need to spend some time with some new friends". Because, you have to observe and understand the potential sales of online objects, carefully read their posts. This will help you decide which pricing method to use to sell your online products.

again, give your product to take a suitable, easy to remember the title and select some key words. Among them, to mark the characteristics of your products and what is unique, but try to write some clear, perhaps this effect will be better. Again, you’d better use the title length (including spaces) that are often limited to the vast majority of web sites.

in addition, the best point of sale in the online with your products, exquisite pictures, and in your advertising and sales products, remember to use some beautiful words, carefully set out all the details of potential buyers want to know, including color, appearance and size of the year. If it’s a collection, it’s best to describe it in terms of the collector’s expertise to show that you know your product well. Of course, remember that your advertisement describes the more detailed the better, but it should be concise and to the point. At the same time, pay attention to the tone of your sales product advertising, as much as possible to the buyer’s empathy to write your product sales advertising.

fourth, good service is the key to the success of your sales. To do this, you’d better attach the terms of service on the Internet to sell the product, and provide the buyer with the information they need. For example, including the delivery channel, return policy, how the cost, payment method and whether there is a warranty in the sales terms.

finally, reasonable pricing is naturally the most important. In the online product auction, you need to give the buyer a certain competitive space, which means that your starting price is lower than the market price. Although this is contrary to the original intention of Ebay on sale, but those hardcore sellers believe this is the right path. At the same time, we must learn to be preserved in the auction. No matter what the starting price, once the goods can not reach the reserve price, you do not need to sell.

don’t forget that experience is slowly accumulating. If your sales record is good, your online credit

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