‘s leading mobile social networking platform Meng shop recently announced a cooperation with the Royal mud square, Royal mud Square flagship store officially settled Meng shop. Meng Meng officially settled through this mobile social platform, Royal mud square will be in-depth understanding of changes in consumer spending patterns, with the help of mobile operators new business model, broaden the brand’s sales channels.

in recent years, with the convenience of online shopping, more and more women began to get used to online shopping cosmetics, which led to the development of China’s Internet cosmetics industry. Royal mud square brand belonging to the royal family of Hunan Hui group, has been developed for 10 years. The royal family exchange group is the third generation Internet technology enterprise with independent brand as the core, with the application of the Internet e-commerce technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Royal Square mud, barbarians, flower flower, small confused, Yao Wei wind five skincare brand, 2013, the royal family Department of Ministry of Commerce has been identified as a national e-commerce business model".

Royal mud square, said Meng shop is a leading mobile social networking platform, which is located in the store settled fancy its unique advantages. In the future, the Royal mud square will be based on the characteristics of consumer groups Meng shop, combined with product demand, to create a royal mud square Meng shop explosion. The company is very concerned about the development of mobile electricity supplier and attention, for which the company has set up a special brand of mobile electricity supplier sector, every year is gradually increasing investment in this regard. For the development of the mobile terminal, the company will be differentiated from the product echelon, price echelon, play and other aspects."

said the adorable shop, beauty skin care products is one of the highest frequency of purchase category adorable store consumer, and adorable shop is a set of trust relationships between people based on the social mobile platform, the main social sharing adorable adorable shop and platform will help drainage. The Royal Square mud to establish direct connection with consumers with the brand, so as to further enhance the Royal Square mud brand awareness and favorability, driven by the Royal Square mud products sales.

it is understood that the store has attracted adorable toread, becheery, gold ham, diplomats, boss appliances and many other well-known brands. Since the line on March 2015, the number of shop has opened more than 20 million Meng shop platform, B end settled in more than ten thousand businesses, the total number of Meng shop SKU exceeded 5 million in 2015, double the amount of trading on the day of up to 165 million in.

Royal mud square, the relevant responsible person said, settled Meng shop conform to the needs of the development of mobile electricity supplier market. Royal mud square and MOE store brand vision, the future, the two sides will work together to build a global brand for the benefit of consumers.

Royal mud square settled Meng shop powerful joint sharing Globalization

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