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fashion media want to test water and electricity is? How will the challenges? How to face in foreign countries has been very successful fashion business competition? Bill · Gates had bluntly summarized the influence of Electronic Commerce: twenty-first Century or electronic commerce or business services. Now, the media can not be avoided".

international fashion media giants have set foot in the electricity supplier. Kangtai Shi Shi Group has done 7 investment in the initial class of electricity supplier companies, its fashion magazines have online stores. 2013 Glamour online shop under the Glamstore, GQ and luxury department store Nordstrom launched a shopping site NordstromMen.com. Hearst Publishing Group’s Harper ‘s Bazaar and luxury electricity supplier Yoox cooperation, to create electricity supplier website ShopBazaar.com sell luxury department stores and independent designer works. April 27th, even style.com also announced plans to do electricity supplier transformation, the original site content will be integrated into the Vogue.com.

in China, fashion media also has a trend of electricity supplier. "Bazaar" and intime group to launch the online shopping rayli.com.cn wardrobe, "Ruili" magazine’s "Mina" magazine, the official mall is still long are examples of media to test the water and electricity providers.


"the world of fashion court -ELLE" (the Post said ELLE) also has ELLEshop. November 2011 formally launched the ELLEshop ELLE brand with the way to connect with the contents of the Chinese ELLE network, 70-80% traffic from the Chinese network diversion. The operation team is completely independent from the magazine, as the most professional female fashion buyers shop. Compared to the average age of more than 30 years of magazine readership, ELLEshop audience groups between 25-28 years of age.

ELLEshop do not do direct sales of goods, but to do the platform, the brand will be on the platform of collaborative designers, go light warehouse, light logistics model. Once someone orders, ELLEshop will be the details of feedback to the designer, the designer shipped directly to the user. For some of the explosion can be predicted, ELLEshop will be reserved for some products stored in the warehouse.

by the end of 2014, ELLEshop products are all supported by the designer brand, brought together nearly 400 designer brands. That year, ELLEshop sales growth of more than 200%, mainly from the profits and profits of the designer divided into clothing sales accounted for 70%, in addition to advertising revenue from the media.


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