in recent days, Taobao dealers found that the release of information goods not only can upload pictures of goods, goods can also upload video clips, this is actually Taobao low-key implementation of a value-added function: the seller seller the highest monthly pay 168 yuan can join the video clips in the commodity information, the more clearly the characteristics of the product to the buyer. Compared with Taobao’s low-key, Youku, potatoes, cool 6, 56 and four in cooperation with Taobao video website is rising enthusiasm for online shopping, rely on TV, comprehensive entertainment programs to open the video website advertising marketing, how to become the online shopping on Denver video website common direction of thinking.

Taobao and video sites to share revenue

it is understood that Taobao and video website cooperation is very simple, cool 6, Youku, potatoes and other video sites, 56 for the seller to provide Taobao display technology, video storage server, browse merchandise to video bandwidth, Taobao sellers pay for the service, the video site revenue sharing with Taobao. Among them, Taobao sellers use the value-added services fee from a minimum of $10 to a maximum of 168 yuan.

for the original intention of cooperation, Taobao and four video sites have said the introduction of video display technology that allows buyers to more intuitive, more comprehensive understanding of the goods, the seller’s business is easier to make. However, the video site is expected to enter the field of online shopping is much higher. community and vice president of marketing Huang Huiwen said, in Taobao’s strategy open strategy, within the next 5 years will produce nearly a thousand new retail website based on Taobao architecture, these sites will be established and shopping website jointly support the online retail market trillion scale. Next, Tudou and Taobao video technology cooperation can also be seamlessly ported to this nearly one thousand sites.

video shop vs TV shopping network version

Taobao cooperation with the video site also led to the latter on the Nuggets online shopping thinking. Cool 6 market vice president Yao Jianjiang told reporters, in addition to Taobao only provide technical platform, they also put Taobao goods, shop integrated into their shopping channel, this is the four cooperation with Taobao’s video site first opened a home shopping channel. Yao Jianjiang said, in order to explore the online shopping market, cool 6 also set up a special shooting video advertising team of goods, to follow the mode of TV shopping to help advertisers shoot advertising. In fact, the current 6 in the cool shopping channel has been the traditional mode of TV shopping on the Internet, Yao Jianjiang believes that the development potential of this video online shopping is good. He said: "young people seldom watch TV now, traditional TV shopping programs have been arranged in the remaining time of television broadcast, on video website do not have this problem; in order to cater to the tastes of users, the video on the Internet shopping products are very different from the traditional television shopping, more emphasis on fast consumer goods, clothing and cosmetics." He said that from the beginning of the mall on the line, the development trend of this online shopping is still very good.

, however, there are also people who think video >

Video site eyeing online shopping gold mine

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