[lead] for most businesses, when the 2011 drilling Exhibition Click price three or four cents do not drill, said the transformation did not train well; when 2012 click price seven or eight hair do not drill, said click price is too expensive, do not do; when 2013 click price 1.2 dollars also do not drill the cost is too high, no transformation did not dare to play. Now click on the 2014 price two or three pieces of money finally had to do the drill, otherwise can not catch the flow.

drilling exhibition from version 1 to version 2 and then to version 3 and version 4, the common problems and solutions summed up nothing but also on the following three problems:

1 diamond flower does not go out of money;

2 drill money spent out, the cost is too high;

3 drill money spent out, the cost can be controlled, but no deal.

how to solve these three problems?

1, drilling exhibition money spent not

in 2014, the problem is that we reflect the most problems, this is a summary of the three points for your reference:

(1) no directional delineation of population;

(2) drilling offer unreasonable;

(3) time selection is not reasonable.

for the three point with you again.


no directional delineation of population

this is easy to understand, drill exhibition is a display of advertising, if the show does not go out, it is natural to spend money, how to solve this problem, look at the screenshot:


we all know that the crowd of people to add a store is very accurate, then I would like to circle a little people, you do not spend 500 of the budget ah!

(2) drilling offer unreasonable


is also very easy to understand, is the intelligent drilling exhibition auction, so who bid high, who first show you bid low, naturally no show, no show, do not go out to spend money, do not need this screenshot.

(3) time selection unreasonable

time is more easy to ignore this dimension, unless those so-called "nouveau riche", time will be selected or the majority of people in all day long, time selection is still relatively cautious, because time does not want to spend the money should not be spent, such as home from work at noon and afternoon time. You have a problem, we all know that the show is the best time to work, we all increase premium, how do you choose? Here to give you a suggestion, since from the time we are not in front of the computer, they are online through what way? You know


tips: add a custom shop, don’t forget to put your shop with

2, money out

[] dry cargo Taobao how to solve three major problems on the drilling exhibition

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