before you can comment on the deep grilled buyers, through the following shortcuts roughly judge you shopping in the store has been the Navy Occupation:

is a single product sales of other commodities are too prominent: only sold a number, but the commodity sales you found tens of thousands of well, be aware of, such a wonderful commodity is not you and I become an independent school mortal can control;

sales surprisingly but very few evaluations: shop display 30 days have sold 9479 pieces, of which the success of the transaction of 1779, only to see the comments of the 5, fine thinking very fear;

zero rating: unbelievable.

content evaluation proportion is too high: 15 days after receipt of goods automatic evaluation system will default, but this is not the content of the evaluation, when the quantity of a commodity evaluation is 100, there are 99 evaluation contents, wake up, everyone is not so diligent.

if the shop to meet the above conditions in any one to two, we are responsible to advise you away. Of course, this is just the first step to identify.

is the world with a quiet moral mission, curiosity Research Institute developed a close (incomplete) Taobao Taobao navy navy guide is divided into three levels, respectively, from the ID level, tone, words, words, pictures, routine evaluation and teach you to polish his eyes:


primary water

The primary

Navy at the base of Taobao Navy in Pyramid, a large number of. Because Taobao is not in place or spend money sellers in place but the vision is not good enough to pick up a high quality of the Navy, the comments area occupied the total Army Navy primary buyers revealed a strong not heart temperament.

ID: like anonymous evaluation, named random, love with the number of end.

class: low, mostly one or two heart users or users of Tmall T2, bought a few shops, but each breath will buy five or six pieces (basically nothing related goods) also give evaluation.

words: styles are different, but the mental retardation of breath similar.

repeat: very polite and love to repeat, often can see a lot of repetition of the phrase, on the same page comments such as: "good quality" and "pictures like" really is "very good high quality and inexpensive" shop "and" we can rest assured to buy".

: this shoe flamboyant style of antiskid damping package is good, only 59 yuan, put to play people thought I bought several thousand dollars (do you think I would believe it).

Amway brain type: Quanzhou enterprises must support!

: Well, jingle is very good, very good, very value, value, value, first-class quality, first-class service, first-class reputation. "

Taobao Navy Guide see these you don’t chop hands please

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