January 28th, 9 in the evening. Autumn uncle led the new media group have students experience a development of integrated marketing in the whole process, micro-blog + WeChat + QQ group synchronization. Share the theme "how to create a micro-blog that has been forwarded thousands of times" and complete the results in 24 hours. The autumn leaves, mainly by uncle and new media students volunteered to participate in the composition of the group development. In addition, Xiao Qiushui also participated in the whole process of planning activities.

so this activity will use what kind of method, so many people come together to participate, how to mobilize the active participation of the community? This play is how to play it? With these questions, I analyze this autumn with uncle is how to play with their boots, can give us their play micro-blog play, community marketing what inspiration? It will give us some of what


micro-blog copywriting requires constant modification to

do micro-blog marketing copy of the importance of self-evident, will directly affect the effect of the last communication. This is the first time to make a forwarding class to buy NetEase cloud class micro micro prize pumping activities such as this, the main purpose is to get forward and buy. So, how to write a copy? At the beginning of autumn uncle to copy sent to the QQ group here, and then let us opinions or suggestions, I also witnessed the process inside, it is the person that all sorts of gossip, the boots, say a few words, the whole process lasted at least half an hour or so, finally Tastes differ all tastes. Finally, the focus is: do you need to forward micro-blog, and then buy the course, have the opportunity to extract prizes?

this way, it greatly reduces the enthusiasm of users to participate in the high threshold. But if you can become a forwarding micro-blog can win, but do not want to do so, because finally get a forwarding micro-blog, will not get any real purchase. The second is the prize is a Porsche watch, the prize is not necessarily everyone interested, not necessarily attractive enough, during the discussion of this autumn, uncle also changed at least not less than 5 times micro-blog copy, there are hundreds of people in the QQ group, the team strength is indeed infinite everyone, play their own ideas and creative benefit by mutual discussion. I believe that every good micro-blog production is such a process, almost a word a word of the tangle, continuous modification and improvement. Micro-blog is not everyone will have the ability to write the background, you need to master is the heart specific content users, selling products, every word to use just perfect, only hundreds of words expression content, this is a test for an individual, so micro-blog is not easy to write the behind is really need writing skills, comprehensive grasp of human nature.

to second days, around 10 p.m.. Xiao Qiushui teacher to announce the results, the amount of reading micro-blog reached 200 thousand times, the 400 forwarding, although not as good as the beginning of a thousand times to say, but this result is very good. Specific results can be seen below:


How to create a community thousand forwarding micro-blog teach you fun micro-blog marketing

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