has recently been a number of Internet marketing services companies to consult me how to promote their services on the internet. In the process of communication, I found that most of the consultants in terms of network marketing, the idea is too narrow.

why? Because they believe that the network marketing is so certain keywords in the first page of the search engine. For such an idea, I have been very helpless. Perhaps this is the status of the domestic SEO bar. Too many different levels of SEO, the market was a bit too far. This is why Baidu has been adjusting the root causes of the algorithm. I believe that Baidu is not not included a good website information, but not to block a good reputation of the site.

but what about the actual situation?

a lot of websites don’t have any value at all. A simple web site to the capital, make an industry website, have their own news column, the results are collected. Have their own forums, the results are software. There are even SNS communities… I don’t understand what it means. Personally, I think it is necessary to spend a lot of effort to promote a forum and SNS. Since you can’t do it, why do you want to move to your own website? Let alone the news category, you can only copy, in the end may also be held liable. Therefore, I hope that those who are still in the construction of the site comrades, to pay attention to their site positioning. Okay, don’t pull this.

consulting several of my clients, one of which is to do foreign trade network marketing. He asked me how to promote this service. How to make the word foreign trade network marketing Baidu home page.

at that time I used a very contemptuous sentence to answer him: do the word meaningful?

Why doesn’t

make sense? Here’s what I’m going to analyze:

1, Baidu included the word in 1 million 510 thousand, it seems that the industry view is not a high degree of concern, there are a lot of attention in general news and technical documents of a high degree of industry will of course, the number of included will be a lot of.

2, the word Baidu index is very low, at an average of less than 60 per day. This shows that the basic didn’t use this word to search the web, it is not too many people will be looking for this kind of information of foreign trade network marketing in Baidu.

3, the word in Baidu did not bring promotional advertising, it seems that the competition is really low.

so for this kind of special words, even if you really do go up, for your enterprise, has little significance. Of course, through the word to show the strength of the company, understandable. If you really want to expand their business, but also need more ways.

so, in addition to search engine optimization and competitive ranking there are other ways? Yes! And the effect will be better!

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