relative to other industry sites, local website promotion slightly limited, mainly in the user groups. Most local information portal or interactive forum, there is a positive for the local Internet users to open, and even some of the local mobile phone number to enable the forum to receive registration invitation code, its interactive platform for local users only open. It is not difficult to see the reason why most local sites are like this, so this article focuses on sharing some of the available offline website promotion channels.

local network channel:

Local network marketing channel

"Internet cafes" a commonplace talk of an old scholar known to everyone, but to do effective cost saving is not easy, Visang yesterday saw a smart local forum operators, the Internet advertising is the most incisive, hit off. Not long into the bar yesterday but have a power outage, the project can not be broken, I can only go to Internet cafes to watch zhe.

The plane entered the bar background

local advertising forum, this is clearly belongs to a mutual alliance advertising, inscribed at the tips sponsored by certain website friendship. Then pay 20 dollars to open a card, surprised above suggest a certain website sponsored by friendship, mouse pad, game posters, LED arrow, computer desktop, or even the bathroom has never in it.

it is no exaggeration to say: in the Internet after you don’t forget it, of course the local website promotion benefit is nothing more than this, not necessarily all enter my site, but at least when someone mentions the name, everyone knows that there is a local authority website.

can expand thinking: real sponsorship advertising a larger initial investment, therefore it is necessary to learn from just thinking skills, not to imitate others completely, if your team has become climate which is another matter. Another way to think this is an expert to go to a rental advertising alone, may cost a monthly or annual basis, come down for a long time the cost is not a small number.

use this kind of sponsorship to the way of publicity, will be more cost savings and the effect of long-term, of course, there must be a loss of pre investment also requires some courage. In fact, any existing network facilities in public places, you can use this way to extend, not only the Internet cafes can do so.

I think the

angle: rent Internet advertising may involve your popularity, many are not necessarily to be able to rent, but to send something to get advertising sponsorship in kind is different, I believe that most people will refuse to drop from the clouds of the big pie, so the feasibility of such advertising means is quite high. So I feel good about the hope that useful, pull a little more into the next topic.

outdoor advertising channels:

in the larger flow of people to do advertising is also a good choice, there are common: stations, parks, learning, community, bus and other places. For example: make a banner ad at the bus stop

On the local forum portal site promotion skills

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