malicious web pages, you will not be unfamiliar, perhaps too much suffering. Malicious web page contains malicious code, the computer can be set up for visitors and malicious attacks. Now, the web page malicious code has been defined as anti-virus software virus. Compared with the traditional sense of the virus, the virus does not have the virus, but its degree of harm is no less than the ordinary virus.

      because the preparation of malicious code does not need what advanced technology, many low quality human to improve the popularity of the website or for the purpose of practical joke, write malicious code in the web page, so that visitors suffer. Malicious web page is really anxious to punish fast after teeth. Let us together to denounce the malicious web ten counts.

      1, modify the IE starting home page

      IE is the start page every time you open IE first to enter the page at any time by clicking the IE Toolbar "home page" button to enter the start page, it is frequently we need to view the page, but some malicious web page will start page to some in a horrible mess site, in order to achieve the not to be divulged to.

      to repair the IE start page is very simple, click on the IE Tools menu in the "Internet options" (in the case of IE5, the same below), select the "general" tab, enter the start page URL in the "home" in the text box.

      if the setting does not work, it must be in the Windows of the startup group loaded the malicious program, so that every time the auto run program to start the computer illegally set on IE. This procedure can be removed from the start group by the registry editor.

      the method is: click on the "start to run", enter ‘Regedit’ in the registry editor, expand [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareWicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionRun] primary key, display the right part of the window are all loaded at startup program, will contain the suspicious program key name delete.

      in addition to the home page, as well as the default home page has been modified. We’ll fix the default home page through the registry editor. Expand the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareWicrosoftInternet ExplorerMain] primary key, in the right window >

Break the malicious web page ten strokes

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