According to

: "one night Nene hair" hosted by Xu Yan Xu has revealed that she made the first half of the year, the public number of fans has only about more than 1 thousand, and then adhere to more than half a year, fans actually rose to 400 thousand, the opening rate reached about 30%. Why is this one of the secrets is that their content operations began to move from UGC to PGC.

in the second session of the red culture Meng · all red net Red Carnival, a content officer founder Sha Jianjun shared the red net content operation "Six Meridian Swords", it is said that this Act "Six Meridian Swords" combines his many years of relevant enterprise CEO image management consulting and service experience, we have the following one look at this "Six Meridian Swords" what is a ghost.


has been the first sword

zhirenzhe wisdom, zizhizhe ming. Anyone who wants to be a net must be thoroughly reviewed, reviewed and reviewed. The so-called thoroughly, not only refers to himself by the familiar or relatively closed doors, know who you need (family, colleagues, classmates, objects, and some of the character) to analyze the capacity of classical tools (Enneagram, color character, constellation blood type), to understand their own abilities and skills, personality, attitude and the resources around from multiple dimensions.

was born for the grassroots network of red, particularly the need to pay attention to your most outstanding abilities and strengths, this is the kind of strengths can go attitude, yes, she is so out of the year.

second people

swordThe so-called

people who mainly refers to two kinds of people, one is on the market with the type of network requires careful analysis of red, he (she) who has used way of communication, personality, status, and extent of the fan favorite. Analysis of the same type of network is conducive to the differential competition. Another refers to the fans, must understand assumptions or may face audience or fans, their age, income, status, interests, values, and the usual circle communication context. If the network has a certain fan base red, also need to through some investigation and interaction, and even the design of some very purposeful activities, to analyze and understand their fans (well, fans will also change), in order to find the most appropriate communication contents and methods, so as to attract more followers.

third sword design

do know, can begin to design their continuous content output direction, as the red net type, style, tonality and release frequency.

The direction of

content mainly refers to the scope and scope of the focus.


content type refers to the output of the established way, with the network of red resources and talent, when using the PGC team production mode, usually the content of the type is no longer limited.


Red net content operation you need the loading force of the Six Meridian Swords

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