BBS original intention is the electronic bulletin board, that is, Bulletin Board Systems abbreviation. With the development of network technology, now called BBS has been far beyond the simple function of the electronic bulletin board, the website of the different names, such as BBS, BBS community, community, forum, forum and so on and so on, but one thing is undeniable, BBS has now become a part of the site indispensable. At the same time, because BBS is the main form of the current domestic network forum, so many times it will be regarded as synonymous with the network forum. What does BBS mean, what does it mean? Perhaps, for most people, especially for those who love the network of people, it is a can let you beyond the limits of time and space, and those who have to carry out the communication and exchange of the same hobby or similar needs not met the local crowd. That’s all?

if your answer is yes, then you underestimate the value of BBS. World Manager weekly editor in chief Ding Haisen believes that the top 3 of China’s BBS community value of more than $1 billion, the top 10 of the value of the BBS community in more than 100 million yuan. The world IT laboratory through long-term research, draw the conclusion that the news part of a comprehensive website value accounted for a total value of about 30%, the transaction includes SMS, business, provide value accounts for about 30%, the rest is basically provided by the BBS community.

BBS contains great value from the above data can be seen. At present, the use of BBS value is mainly reflected in attracting Internet users, other aspects have not fully played out, especially in the field of marketing.

a, BBS why can be used to do marketing

1, BBS gathered in the crowd is a precise subdivision of the market. From a marketing perspective, BBS is a network platform for customer interaction sites, with common interests of a group of a commodity, a brand, an event, a problem or a way of life and hobbies or have some common characteristics of people together to communicate and exchange. Therefore, the participants in the BBS is actually constituted by a certain interest, hobbies, or a feature of the subdivision variables, the market has been accurately subdivided. The biggest advantage of BBS as network marketing tool is clear and the target range is small, so the marketing activities of enterprises will be more targeted, can really close to the target consumer group, also can achieve good results.

2, more Internet users will be more inclined to professional sites and BBS. Visitors from the site, the integrated portal visitors are mostly novice, with their Internet skills and the accumulation of experience, they gradually began to enter some professional website. With the development of network technology and the popularity of broadband, the growth rate of the integrated portal will be slower and slower, which has been proved in the United States

Using BBS to do marketing

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