in 1995 China Carrefour, is one of the world’s three retail giants, 2015 of the 18 stores, the first half of 2016 and closed 3 stores, the day looked miserable and gloomy atmosphere.

also in 2015, Carrefour in Chinese published and implemented multi format, multi channel, multi platform "new development strategy, open 13" family "convenience stores in Shanghai, to build the brand of young, modern, in order to attract young consumer groups. At the same time, in Shanghai and Beijing start Carrefour online mall, to provide consumers with store distribution, APP synchronization on-line, Chinese and English bilingual services.


this is a series of strategic portfolio, in addition to fresh products increased, making the "Carrefour Chinese sales trend is encouraging" (this is the headquarters of Carrefour’s earnings statement, very CCTV), data show that Carrefour China results for the first half of 2016 compared to the same period in 2015 increased by 5%.


Nene has not remember the last time such a big Carrefour supermarket is in a few years ago, but because of occupation disease, Nene still noticed recent mining activity of Carrefour, in fact, some time ago, Carrefour Chinese president and CEO when in an interview with reporters, said Carrefour the focus of the current strategy is not adjust the format, but the brand remodeling.

based on their own self-confidence and the quality control system for a new generation of consumer insight, Carrefour supermarket price began to change the traditional image and location advantage, began to trust, and the opening of the new slogan "there is a trust called carrefour". For this new position, Carrefour moved to Hollywood international production team, produced the following films.

"who are they for?"

October 24, 2016, Carrefour’s official micro-blog and WeChat public numbers are starting to notice "tomorrow, they’re here."". And in the past to push the new and discount on the goods are different, so the suspense settings, quickly attracted hundreds of thousands of onlookers.


October 25th officially released trailer, "they who come", the four has the supernatural ability to children, can dialogue with nature; you can stop time, bring light and happiness; has penetrated all eyes; have the strongest brain. They come, they come for who, why they come, please look forward to. This is known as the trailer quickly read 100000+.

has a kind of trust called Carrefour · fresh article

followed the trailer, Carrefour launched the first short film, the new article, micro-blog was forwarded more than 12000 times, the topic of reading and discussion of the about 1000000. The video tells the story of a little girl with supernatural power, in the Carrefour fruits and vegetables supply supervision, watched farmers put a box of box.

By the electricity supplier to combat serious Carrefour began to do content

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