a few days ago, there is a netizen through the blog plus Ye Dehua QQ friends, and later to talk to her is to sell air tickets, would like to ask how to better sell air tickets. Because of the time, we do not talk too much, and later, I seriously thought about this problem, if I was how I would sell tickets online



first of all, I have never contacted the airline ticket sales, but also do not understand the whole process of ticket sales. However, it is certain that there is a big difference between air tickets and train tickets, train tickets by the National Railway Bureau unified sales, and air tickets can be obtained from the relevant qualified corporate sales. No matter what it is, you have to find a way to find a customer. If I took over the work of a ticket sales, then I should consider how to get to know more customers, how to get the trust of customers, how to make customers satisfied with the service. I don’t know much about the marketing of real life, so I talk more about online sales.

(1) how to get to know more customers

plane tickets often involves large amount of transactions, so the customer at the time of purchase will be cautious, they will not easily believe that some of the sites and sales outlets. I have friends in Hainan. Also, every summer vacation, most of them choose "fly back", but when buying a plane ticket, they generally choose is where the network Ctrip, such well-known websites, for some smaller other sites they never consider. On the purchase of air tickets, many customers are holding this attitude. So, if I was in a well-known airline ticket sales company, I can not wait for customers to come to me, because the initiative to go to the customer and Ctrip, I have to find ways to take the initiative to attack. So, how to find more customers, how to sell my airline ticket online, calm down, think about what the network marketing methods, and then combined with the ticket sales.

what kind of people will often go on a trip, what kind of people need air tickets, people who like to travel, like people who travel, summer and winter vacations, etc.. So, I went to the QQ group according to the conditions for tourism "," travel "and other related keywords, and then join the QQ group has certain popularity, do not rush to join the QQ group after the firm said I was selling tickets, never sell tickets with you. First of all, spend a certain amount of time every day in the QQ group to speak, a lot of friends to get to know, talk about topics like, such as Jiuzhaigou, Zhangjiajie wonders. Maybe some group is not very active, speaking in the group, we do not actively respond, this time I can find some regular online friends, then private chat with them, from the point to the surface, but often you speak in the group, your friend is willing to exchange the response. If there is no one to respond to me

How to use network marketing thinking to sell airline tickets

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