website promotion has been many webmaster has been concerned has been a headache problem, the article on the network, the webmaster see dazzling, it seems that each method are feasible, it seems that each methods are not feasible. Do not know stationmaster friends have such experience, for example today looked like "BIWEB a month promotion, website traffic, tens of thousands of" tomorrow and see "cool on the line that day be included in Baidu" or other explosive promotion news, may see here, everyone was a bit ready to rise in the news reports, also want to realize the case, rapid increase of their website traffic, improve the popularity and visibility. Then according to the specific methods to do, can not do two days and found that the new promotion plan, and have a feeling of heartache, so do the other options, so a few months, traffic does not have to go on, and now his mind was tangled up.

I cite this example is actually I do not know the original theory of the rapid promotion of the investigation of the site, and I believe it is not a lot of experience to promote the webmaster often committed problems. We analyze how this will lead to the following results:

1, energy spent a lot, every day busy, spent a lot of time in the promotion, but no results.

2, a period of no effect, the hearts of confidence has declined, resulting in the original passion faded.

3, do not know what method is suitable for their own website, a foggy feeling, many methods of website promotion, but the more the more confused.

we know, Adsense do stand is passion, no passion, no confidence, how to develop the website.

What about


now we need to do is to introduce the Jerry Mont investigation of the rapid promotion of the theory of the site.

the first step, to locate their own web site: what kind of website do you want to do?. Each type of website is subdivided, such as sales can be divided into mechanical and electronic, automation and so on, education and English education, IT education and so on, all these need each person to find an accurate positioning. How to find accurate positioning, welcome to pay attention to the official BIWEB forum Jerry Mont column.

The second step,

based SEO optimization, this is not the narrative, sing the same old song, can see my column.

Third step

, online collection of the current mainstream website promotion type, must be tabulated, the implementation plan, the program includes the name, start implementation time, is expected to produce the effect of time, deadline for deadline. This step is very important, but also every professional network promotion personnel must do.

fourth steps, practice + investigation, on the list of these third steps, according to plan

Jerry Mont site rapid promotion theory investigation

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