] reading this payment opinion most of the injured must be paid by the third party, the second injured very is actually P2P, and what effect is not for ordinary users. The money paid by all the third party payment accounts looks like your money and tells you how much money you have every day. Users in the third party to pay the money on the company, in theory, the customer is temporarily stored in the third party payment in the bank account, should be subject to strict regulation.

third party payment regulation draft in the last debate, this version compared with the last version, in fact the basic spirit is consistent, without much deviation, compared to slightly loose, for example, pay for the two-dimensional code and other innovative payment are not included in the management, rather stay a lot of space, in addition to limit the fierce debate last year, there is a two-dimensional code payment, this year on this left a hole, there is another important point is the last year to enter the payment account will be put back to the four words, I can name card unlimited transfer this year, these are more modest and practical practice.

but even so, today still attracted the Putian cover debate, this debate, in fact, I probably looked under the media interpretation of the 99%, including the so-called expert interpretation, basically not reliable, I feel the main reason is due to a large extent payment business although everyone involved, but too basic, so it is a relatively small minority, but this world is often more basic things, but professional will be stronger, not for many years engaged in the payment and settlement business, simply cannot understand many problems inside the light account system of four words is estimated to be clear, you may need to write such a thick dictionary of Oxford a Book, therefore, is not a general scholar at the Internet can see some scripts to understand things, don’t talk and understanding.

I always think, not the basic facts understanding foundation can not be reviewed, there can be no discussion of the pros and cons of any possibility, so wrong, discuss the problem itself to return to the business itself, it is valuable, or to the post is a bunch of people to scold to scold, finally you never know what is pulled so I am here on my own in the way of understanding, I have a personal understanding, correct or not I don’t know. When is something.

a, five thousand how enough? This problem does not exist!

first we want to understand the problem, the amount is five thousand how enough, in fact this problem is really nonsense, most people are those who know nothing of the news media to flicker. Before we talk about this question, we must first understand the three basic conditions.

is the first, the management of the so-called limit is the premise of the balance of payments with the payment of the time limit.

second is that if the balance of the payment account is paid,

Don’t spray the central bank, the central mother’s good intentions you can understand

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