dozens of IDC, hundreds of thousands of hundreds of servers, hosting site centralized ISP value-added service provider in a company located in Jiangsu Taizhou — "primitive Network Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" primitive ").

at the beginning of July this year, the "original" IDC service providers suddenly disappeared, leading to hundreds of companies, leased the cabinet hosting server to which is behind hundreds of thousands of websites affected. Many webmasters not only advance escrow fees boondoggle, loss of the server, also bear the loss of customer data recourse liability, tears.

as a IDC service provider, its main function is to telecom operators leased cabinet, buy bandwidth, and then to the Internet Co to provide domain name registration, virtual host and server hosting service, because each IDC behind corresponds to many websites, is a moving body.

recently, the person in charge of the original person back to the company’s location, claiming to have raised 1 million of funds, will be in July 15th before the program to compensate users. But in July 29th, the company said the announcement website linked to the failure of financing, and claimed to be filed for bankruptcy.

August 4th Taizhou Telecom bandwidth on the "primitive" IDC service provider is reduced from 2G to 200M, August 5th, Taizhou Telecom on its website issued a "notice to the original company customer book", said it will terminate the provision of Internet access service of "primitive" on August 10th.

Taizhou Telecom said, broken network is because the original network information technology Co. Ltd. and the long-term plan, the multilateral coordination is invalid.

for the interruption of the Taizhou telecom network announcement, the server hosted in the original people room IDC reacted violently. At the beginning of the July "primitive" for the first time after taking off the net, IDC has the data transfer. But there are still too many IDC business or data, or because there is no money to find a new ISP, the data will be placed in the original man room.


( flat-share server hosting in the morning (August 6th) Telecom was broken network, Taizhou telecom customer service that has a IP server, the person in charge of more than a dozen IDC gathered in Taizhou Telecom, asked to move the server. But Taizhou Public Security Bureau in order to avoid chaos, temporarily not allowed to transfer the machine. So in recent days, these IDC belongs to the server Telecom will not be able to access, can only adjust the intelligent analysis, temporarily resolved to Netcom line.

we are entering into a butterfly effect everywhere era in the Internet industry, even more so, a small probability event, may lead to great effect, Lenovo to disconnection events long ago many provinces, is due to provide domain name analysis for the storm video website DNSpod server attack such a small probability event, which led to the great influence of large area, broken network.

"original people" storm, and the last storm caused by the province of multiple video +

Telecom will be difficult to break away from the original man hundreds of thousands of Web sites

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