note: this small series was entrusted by the people, are here to help others to buy a space. So you can confirm that the case is true, I hope you can use this as a reference. Also welcome to the webmaster network released comments on the IDC information.

May 15th in the forum to see someone selling out of space, and he asked a QQ chat, youbaiheng data (website address: feel very cheap, I bought 2G in June 15th, to the space to have bad 7-8 hours, and he asked youbaiheng customer service no one answered, in the process of I use this bad a few times (2-3 day, bad) to search behind kantie, 100 hang, a really buy the space and I like him, asked him how, post address: goto=findpost& pid=20081965& ptid= 2018235


so he has not answered is not the answer, then out and send a post, let him buy all the spaces into a group, to discuss how to do, when the 3-4 point afternoon! I found space can be used, on file, when I finish the JS advertisement file, my hair now some file is wrong, not I upload the date of May 15th, and in May 30th, I opened the door I tap ringtone ad code ID show was changed to: 11515, I immediately asked to sell my space, he QQ:28649898, he has a word: we never move the user space, I want to find the palm show what he called to ask if the assassin, but the assassin was away for the weekend, I went out in search of his qq:28649898, the results of the two: Tid=1982640& page=2#pid20082517 Tid=1984166& page=3#pid20082497


also know his real name, this morning I waited for the assassin on the line, he came, I immediately asked him, the result is that he, below I and palm show assassin chat screenshot:



I stand for

AD ID is this person, I sell space: Xu Jianda, the qq:28649898, please note all the webmaster, then don’t cheated as like me, I am going to expose him, and he bought space that he stopped directly to my space, also stopped to buy him several space customers the space in the group, what measures to punish him, please reprint, please everyone together to expose the garbage business space > liar!

Expose a garbage cheater space quotient

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