wave just flat, wave again.

after the first season well "the world name shoes Taobao guest" promotion competition the perfect curtain falls, gorgeous stage for the second quarter Taobao passenger activities zern team began the planning and improvement of wildly beating gongs and drums.

let’s take a look at the first quarter of the season. 8.22, shoes and Chinese zern’s largest Taobao customers to promote website A5 station network cooperation, jointly launched a promotion and open up a fresh outlook contest, in the two month calendar, zern guest at an alarming rate climbed volume, from the beginning of a single daily 15, soared to 50 a day; moreover, zern 20-25% the high commission system also ahead of the industry average, the advantage is expressed significantly. During the two months, a total of zern reward fund 10 yuan, a small prize award, do not stop.

see such a big promotion, you may ask, well, who are they? In the first season at the beginning of the campaign, many are attracted to the Taobao High Commission passengers are also the heart of doubt, the attitude comes around here, but it did not affect the confidence and brand promotion strategy zern. Although started zern popularity in the country slightly inferior, but it is indeed the British aristocracy hundred-percent brand, in return home after began intensive publicity and full coverage, of course, before the first season let attention well "the world name shoes Taobao off promotion contest has attracted wide attention of the world men’s shoes.

zern through a series of Taobao customer events, provides a reliable platform for the promotion of inviting guests like Taobao. In the process of the competition, participants formed a benign and harmonious competition, they share promotion experience, exchange of experience in the forum, in the field of friendship and competition coexist in the event, Taobao and zern guests together with the successful harvest of friendship, mutual cooperation form. It is reported that many Taobao customers in the promotion process of zern, dug the first pot of gold of life, harvest the first fruits of life, of course, it is because of these Taobao zern guests, visibility and reputation to climb big space in a short period of time.

November 18th, Taobao zern in a public passenger’s enthusiasm for the sound of the call, finally unveiled the second season well "the world name shoes Taobao guest" promotion contest. It is reported that the second quarter of the game there is a great improvement in the first quarter on the basis of. In addition to the same high commission system, the policy will be based on the beginning of the end of the holiday point set up "on holidays send gifts" attractive rewards, straight 2012 spring thousand red! At the same time, Taobao will also encourage new customers zern, set up a new incentive plan "for their" first "successful trading extra reward! Of course, known as" Mister Pulitzer ", will be more interactive and participating friends comment, let Taobao off road


since the second season well "the world name shoes Taobao guest" promotion competition so Xianshengduoren, said, we are looking forward to.

Taobao zern guest promotion competition strong return shock 2012 spring thousand red

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