days ago, statistical data Institute of pulse station related data in January 2017, released the most intense competition in various industries occupation data report and data post 5. Among them, some interesting conclusions are drawn:

in the IT Internet industry, design jobs as the most competitive position, the elimination rate of up to 143:1, ranking first in the country. And data analysis that such a high attrition rate and before enrollment in the field of art design and other national universities showed a strong correlation, adequate supply of related professional graduates.


in addition, the entire Internet industry IT elimination rate is the highest in the industry first, not only reflects the like a raging fire in the past three years of development trend of the industry, also shows that with IT Internet industry leads to the industry concentration increased in the case of mergers and acquisitions, the employment pressure suddenly increased.

It is noted that

IT of Beijing as the Internet industry’s most developed regions at the same time, the related post competition pressure is also highest in the country, but also to some extent reflects the IT of the Internet industry to enhance the degree of concentration area.

in the financial industry, and occupation data report, Beijing as a national financial center, absorb the largest financial employment at the same time, also reflects with the increase of financial talent supply, employment competition intensifies.

especially in the past 5 years, as the Internet start-ups in the rise of domestic venture capital emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, but because of the wind in the domestic development in a relatively short time, employment intensity is not high, resulting in venture capital, investment banking has become the financial industry post employment pressure maximum.

in the service industry, and ordinary white-collar workers, engaged in traditional service industry competition in the form of a sharp decline in the average positions, such as security, competition chefs, foreman, electrical and mechanical maintenance, housekeeping and other traditional service positions at about 5:1, much lower than that of 15:1 in the Internet, the financial industry and other fields, and even the average level of 35:1.

and data analysis that the service industry of post competition shows with the demographic dividend China end, rising labor costs, the traditional service industry mainly in the labor intensive industry labor shortage".

in mechanical industry, the northeast of Shanxi Province, such as intensifying talent competition, reflecting the traditional heavy industry base and coal processing base, in the background of the reform of state-owned enterprises and the capacity to two years under the decline in the economic efficiency of enterprises, conduction derived from the pressure of competition in the industry intensified post.

the following is the most intense competition in various industries post before 5 (sketch):

T nternet has become the most competitive industry in the country and the biggest pressure is the

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