November 5th news, according to reliable sources, online video site recently completed a new round of financing, financing amount is about $15 million, investors for the new Saif, BlueRun Ventures, Dfj fund investment. is the leading online video service provider, it had received financing from Softbank Chinese, BlueRun Ventures, Dfj fund and fund (Dragon Ventures) and other venture capital investors.

now, PPLive announced a $500 thousand financing: Softbank iron seed fund, BlueRun Ventures brought millions of dollars of investment, Softbank participation and China Softbank venture capital limited investment of $20 million by the end of 2007.

October 2008, PPLive had said to the outside world, intends to raise $20 million from the hands of venture capitalists. However, due to the bad environment at the time, PPLive did not get financing, the month began layoffs.

according to previously published prospectus, this round of financing will be mainly used for the purchase of funds, the development of new products, service development, bandwidth investment and potential M & a transactions.

PPLive CEO Tao Chuang accept TechWeb connection, denied that the company has got new financing. He said that PPLive is still seeking financing, but has not yet got new financing. "Now is not the best environment for financing. The company’s cash flow is no problem, the former investors have been strongly supported the development of the company."

it is worth noting that the recent PPLive to 1 million 800 thousand yuan through the Admin5 webmaster network intermediary services to acquire the domain name, and to start a series of market moves.

Video site PPLive to complete a new round of Finance Companies CEO denied

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