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[li] who can not afford to buy traffic, but you do have innovation

[value creation] series of articles II:

"how to create value"

I have been very curious about this problem, why some people are always out of the ordinary ideas, and make innovation, while others have always had to "buy into too observant of conventional standards., flow", "brush orders" and "advertising" repetitive work


this article on how to "value creation" type of innovation, and to share 4 ways.

The article analyzes the beast

Lee a most companies are complaining about the problem: why marketing harder


why do we feel more and more difficult to attract the attention of users, traffic more and more expensive, the spokesman did not work so well in the past,

?One of the most important reasons for

is that most people are doing "value grabbing" rather than "value creation".


"value capture" type of work is to find ways to continue to strive for the stock of resources, and "value creation" is to change the use of resources to create new value.

took hold of a marketing forum, the so-called "value", is constantly trying to invite a large coffee, rent more high potential venues, media, layout bigger better to find the light, most of these are not what the real "want to", only in the with other similar forums for itself already scarce resources (such as large coffee time).

and "value creation", is to use the way to reorganization of resources, such as to find a out of the ordinary needs, design a inspiring people to participate in the mission, to rethink the others to participate in the forum and other reasons.

‘s marketing becomes difficult, because with the flow of resources to accelerate (more and more people can equal access to various resources), lead to the value type work has become less important, but let the value creation work becomes more and more important. While the latter is more difficult to do – have to rack their brains to think of new ideas.

in the end how to value creation?

in marketing activities, we often hear such advice, look at the number of consumers on the market, look at the actions of competitors, collected some relevant cases, but we missed the point, that is "to see their own thinking action".

yes, to solve the problem of value creation, you should not look at the outside (such as collecting information and

Can not afford to buy traffic but still you do innovation ah! Marketing people you lazy you!

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