network is becoming more and more popular and low threshold for many xiaojiannaodai to fall over each other is a person of noble aspirations, in this circle turn. Then, few successful. Why? And do not say that the investment of thousands of large-scale web site, take our own personal website, which also has many of the points of the circle.

Although a lot of

users do the site, but do not know how to promote, and others to pay the effort but not a good return, always feel that others succeed in their failure! But you should be proud of yourself today because you are successful, you create your own website, no matter how successful your website after all set up, this isn’t a success? You have taken the first step to success, as long as you choose the right direction and I think you must be more outstanding in Yangtze River, bring forth the new through the old, eternal truth! Here we talk about how to make your site to allow more users to accept so as to allow you to gain.

the hearts of many owners should have such a problem, why my site will not develop, why not flow, I also optimized the SEO keyword, also often according to many webmaster experience to promotion, is not ideal? This problem is more severe is also a lot of owners facing confusion! There is such a positive fact, you do not have a solid foundation in the promotion of the site before the foundation work, what is a solid foundation work? What does this have to do with promotion? The first is the choice of the site, you can look at the development of the personal website how to choose in the Admin5 search this article. After a good choice, we began to lay the foundation for our promotion, in the case of a good foundation to go to the promotion of the multiplier!

          first, we have to do is to observe good standing with the industry, the structure of their website as a user experience, which is easy to be accepted by the user or more practical and convenient to operate, which is very troublesome, because now the Internet is not love too trivial things, love intuitive, love in a less complex environment continue to operate, so in this issue you must learn the strengths of others, to make up for the shortcomings of others, only a better user experience to make more practical than their site to attract users. Now a lot of personal webmaster at this point have not done very well basically is to download a program to take a change to collect some of the content to the blind propaganda, do you think that do have effect? Therefore, reasonable website structure in the promotion of the website plays a very important role!

second: many of our webmaster in site basically not what content or whatever data it promotion, I hope you do not use this method, I collected no objection, but how to collect good content is the key, you need to go to the multi site audit.

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