enterprise website promotion is more than a year, and now I wanted to run a large industry website, but is personal strength and energy can’t achieve this goal, I personally feel that simply say some simple steps of enterprise website promotion


first, I think the optimization of the enterprise site as naturally as possible, as well as the title of the description as much as possible to write a natural point, the title to write something new, but still want to try to get the key.

second, I usually submit to Baidu and Google, a lot of people say not to submit the better, but I think the formal enterprise website not submitted what relationship, if some of their station will be the first to help the new Hang link, if not first built a number of bloggers, in some relatively high weight the forum posts, select relevant forums in your industry is also good, but also the way to do some advertising, as long as these work is to help the site get some chain. There must be updated every day to remember the contents of the site, the article is best handled, not directly on the internet.

third, probably within 20 days of Baidu and Google will generally income, then you should help the enterprise stand outside the chain find related website, the website ranking will slowly up, this is my two years with the method, or to help the enterprise website to do when the chain must remember, the chain’s purpose: diversification, fresh activation, high quality


fourth, enterprise general two months related keywords can have a good rankings, I this year are doing! Welcome to my Shenzhen SEO exchanges! My QQ is 373571187, the first sleep! My website www.seo-sz.net, also welcome the exchange Links

with you!

Shenzhen SEO promotion enterprise website experience

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