some time ago, I wrote an article called "WeChat public number plus powder skills fun test attract method". This article is mainly to introduce the use of a test game to attract fans to pay attention to WeChat public number. However, since WeChat began to blow induced share public number, it don’t work. So this interesting test of the game in the end can not help WeChat public numbers to attract fans



As for

can not, Shao Lianhu blog and we say, we look at how others are using this method to increase the number of fans for the WeChat public.

we look at the following picture, this picture is my last night in the QQ space to see an article reprinted by friends, I look at today’s Pizhou network QQ space, but also to see his hair of the test. When I saw this test, I was still in the same deep trap, and finally also concerned about today’s public figure in Pizhou, found the answer.


we look at the above test game, is not a little curious? Is it really want to know the answer? I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, I do not know the answer I am afraid I will not sleep yesterday. The use of human curiosity, I believe most people would prefer to open WeChat, pay attention to their public numbers and then find the answer. If you can’t help yourself, find the answer yourself.

since WeChat blocked the WeChat public number induced sharing, through the above case I believe we will certainly know how to use this interesting test game to attract fans. Some friends may still do not quite understand, here to give you the next Shao Lianhu blog how to operate the game.

1, the use of micro-blog WeChat public numbers suck powder

a lot of people are playing Sina micro-blog, because micro-blog news, popular information dissemination is the fastest and most convenient. He is better than post bar. And I also brush micro-blog every day, brush is not a fan, but also in order to want to know more information.

some of the thousands of micro-blog fans, thousands of people have. However, these fans all micro-blog fans, how to let them become the WeChat public number of your fans? We can take advantage of the taste test game, to make their own "most willing to" when the fans.

first, we can issue a test game, then do not publish the answer, then tell the fans, if you want to know the answer please WeChat search public number name, or your WeChat public, two-dimensional code, or your APP code the other can, let them go, go to download. (pictured below)


2 WeChat circle of friends for the WeChat male from the number plus powder

with the advent of mobile networks, WeChat can be said to have become the largest mobile social platform. Many people like

WeChat’s public number plus powder technique for fun test attraction (two)

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