when an industry bigger and bigger cake, it will drive around the derivative industry together with the electronic commerce benefit, for example, in recent years, the electricity supplier data record, in its continued prosperity at the same time, but also to the surrounding a number of derivative industry. Not long ago, Ma and Wang Jianlin even the next 10 years, the electricity supplier market share can account for large retail industry 50% bet on 100 million, will not be overlooked visible business development potential. However, the electricity supplier industry is not so perfect, around the electricity supplier derived from the shopping guide site, is now becoming a thorny problem Alibaba.

recently said the news, Ali want to disperse the entrance, with the vertical website to suppress shopping guide website. In fact, has very important significance for the shopping guide website owned by Ali Taobao, Tmall, it is no exaggeration to say that Wang Jianlin and Ma Yun dare to gamble, one of the important reasons is that these shopping guide website for Taobao, Tmall can bring Everfount customers. However, these shopping guide website is not fuel-efficient lights, they will share together and Ali, the electricity supplier of this big cake, this means that the shopping guide website and Ali also seems to have a "frenemy" relationship.

data from the point of view, to testify this point, according to data released by Taobao alliance, in 2012 3 billion yuan into the amount, mogujie.com, said the beautiful shopping guide website accounted for 21%, divided into more than 600 million yuan from Taobao.

in addition to mogujie.com, the beauty that the rebate website also let Ali some headaches, not long ago, Taobao announced the return to the online shopping mode no longer support, this is the industry that Taobao is a serious blow to the rebate website "". In fact, questions about rebate mode has been long-standing, in addition to fraud which may occur, Taobao sellers also complained about this rebate mode.


from the consumer perspective, the rebate site will bring some benefits, but the rebate mode problem is the objective existence, they eroded Taobao part of the interests of the seller, but not for the seller to bring advertising effect, because many consumers are now on the first Taobao purchase then rebate website orders, shopping rebate site effect the useless. But for Taobao, the rebate site is not restricted its development, is tantamount to their buried a time bomb.

with two events is not difficult to see that the role of Ali has the shopping guide website will have a more profound understanding, although they can provide more entrance for consumers, but if they are bigger and bigger, will pose a serious threat to Ali ecosystem.

business sense has always been sensitive ma have long been expected, according to the report, Ma said in an internal meeting said, "do not support the upstream shopping guide website continues to expand, Ali traffic entrance should be not forest grassland." Then Taobao calls the rules to adjust the product port, resulting in a large number of shopping guide website can not get new products.

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Ali’s new problem shopping guide website makes people happy

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