lead: fishermen network launched a target of 1 million 200 thousand yuan to raise public. Returnees founder Chen Wei party hope it is more down to earth to Chinese users.


has been "entrepreneur" magazine reported fishermen network ("Facebook former executives: the case of fishermen network to network") at the beginning of July in the domestic public to raise angel off the platform launched a target of 1 million 200 thousand yuan to raise public. This network is the former Facebook Chen Weidang (David Chen) Chinese executives after returning to the medical business projects, through the Internet and mobile Internet as a platform to build a remote city with a second tier city famous doctor interaction, to ease the difficult issues such as hospital registration. At present, the product form includes website and mobile phone App. As of press time, fishermen network access to the public to raise 790 thousand yuan intention, complete all the chips in schedule 66%.

"entrepreneur" in the Silicon Valley reporter connection Chen Wei party, he said it is not clear the financing schedule, but the amount is not important, the key is to be connected with the medical care industry, so that’s more down to earth. "They have made very good suggestions, some people are willing to help us to do a better job, it is what I need to finance, human resources is more important."

Chen Wei party also said that fishermen chose to raise the public as part of the financing way related to his personality, love to play by the rules. Personal investment can bring the public to raise more ability and cleverness, and down to earth, returnees entrepreneurs do medical projects, a lot of things flying in the sky, not take root to the user in the financing, can better make this down to earth, the fisherman’s entrepreneurial team has a more profound understanding of health. "Everyone’s feedback, advice, encouragement is a very good thing, I am very happy to hear the truth".

is currently in the fishermen network financing platform on the line for 3 days, the entire financing process for a month. Chen Wei party revealed that after the end of the online financing stage he will participate in two rounds of meetings, project roadshow, and face to face with investors. He again stressed that the amount of money is not important, all the chips are not only brought about by the fund is human resources, love the cause of health care for people and the desire for health care reform. This network is currently trying to expand medical resources, good progress, after the financing is completed, will continue to optimize the website platform and mobile phone App function.

This network launched to raise the public, within 3 days of that investment of nearly 800 thousand y

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