enterprise website is the most basic and most important network marketing tools, it has a strong autonomy and flexibility, is the basis of other network marketing tools and methods. The quality of website construction is directly related to the effectiveness of the enterprise network marketing.

enterprise website construction of the four elements: website structure, website content, website function, web services. Website design should be user oriented, so that users can more easily access to information, so as to get more access.

small: website structure

The structure of

enterprise website mainly includes website column structure, web page layout, website navigation and so on. Here need to pay attention to, the site should not be more than eight columns, and column levels within the appropriate level of three. Site navigation bar, the information must be clear and accurate.

2: website content

famous American website designer Jaco Buter Nelson (Jakob Nielsen) obtained by the research of the human eye to browse the web will be showing the rule of "F", so when the layout of web content to focus on those important information level and at the left. Contact information and product information on the site should have the most basic information, these two elements must be complete and reliable.

small three: Web services


site can provide some special services for members, but when invited users registered members, must adhere to the principle of reducing amount of personal information, involving the users’ privacy as much as possible, while minimizing unnecessary information.

4: site credibility

details: Web site credibility basic information is not complete, product description is too simple, there is no clear statement of personal information protection, there is no fixed contact, use free e-mail, website information update, "not long counter leaks, payment security etc..

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Enterprise website construction need to pay attention to the details of the problem

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