let’s not say superfluous words, directly into the theme, increase fans means no more than two kinds, one is to take the initiative, active and initiative with others, is not equal to mess with, we are not a digital satisfy, it’s no use. We often hear from the media is in the hundreds of fans has reached sales a month tens of thousands more, this is how to do it? This is precisely the power of the fans, so we have to add precise fans the best, so precise fans where plus? We can use a larger platform, because of the large platform flow more crowded easy, such as QQ group, such as Baidu Post Bar, watercress group, energy-saving etc..


such as you do the children you can search the QQ group: Children’s clothing, or the mother group similar correlation keywords, so that you can enter your desired crowd, can be directly in the group or a plus (plus software instead of skills, can write what I want to make a friend, ah, so recommendation and so on) don’t feel so simple, you know, so you do have the effect?? the tracking effect of the other industries are also similarly?. Remember the light and no, you have to interact with others after at least to say hello, introduce to you not! So others will have a simple understanding, not to tell the truth, the stranger tag; when I started to do so is to do it, beginning not friends, not popular, not to mention consumers, now I only the number of friends around 2000, almost all the initiative with my friends, as well as individual more than and 300. Another point to note: if in a time of frequent add friends more will be limited, so if there are restrictions on the first stop, or by proxy IP, QQ mobile phone to also go, do better (and large membership is Q age long point) so you can add. Post bar and the other is the same truth, search related keywords to find the precise crowd.

above simply say how to take the initiative to add precise fans, and now we talk about how to make the precise fans take the initiative to add us. First of all, you want to let others add you, you have to figure out a few questions, not how much you need to add you to others, it is useless.

first, you and I have no relationship, that is, I pay attention to you, you can get value in the side, at least to have a little relationship. (read: for example, you pay attention to a funny Sina micro-blog number, why do you want to pay attention to it, because that number will share every day you love to see the joke)

second, the value of your side is not big. You want to let a person take the initiative to add you, nothing more than you need to have a place to attract it, then you have to draw it to what place? Thought? What do you do here is what fans, such as WeChat now playing relatively prosperous is WeChat wallet, this is a function of WeChat, can give red envelopes to friends or groups, do not understand the use Baidu Search: WeChat wallet. So now a lot of people in order to build groups, with red lure

[experience] how to increase the fans How to increase precision fans

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