luxury flash purchase site charm benefits, recently spent nearly ten million yuan to get a single fight domain name The seller for the domain name the day before the big brother Miller, spent 10 million yuan to take "car" domain name

as early as June of this year, Miller big 7 digits won the charm, the United States, a single spell domain name, causing the industry onlookers and hot, it is the best supplier of female goods in the domain name. The,, said the beautiful pictures and other well-known electricity providers were selected Mei domain name. According to the "Chinese Whois information query, registered in 1991 in the domain name, has updated this month 11 days, the domain name has to jump to glamour website page. The related suffix domain name, has sold Landrush 6 digit price in CNNIC.

charm benefits is the Asian fashion luxury flash purchase site, the official website with the bar domain, the domain name is more difficult to remember and input. In early 2012 November, glamour to the Asian domain name dispute resolution proceedings, arbitration claim the disputed domain name, but because there is no malicious registration and use of domain name, finally ended in failure. The heavily take "charm" to fight a single domain, not only in luxury, the fierce battle to win, will also enhance the user experience and brand awareness and overall fighting capacity.

, according to people familiar with the matter, Miller holds in less than two months of time, respectively, received a large number of millions of bids, which also includes the charm of the company. In the process of negotiations by due to the long term, glamour show sincerity, the two sides finally to a satisfactory price negotiated the deal, and face to face transactions. of the domain name in another, to fight a single seller Miller, micro signal is 60710, the legendary domain investment circle. In the hands of the need for numerous domain names, including (boy),,,,, etc.. He recently sold domain video website giant Iqiyi; cost 10 million yuan to take the "car" seckill automotive website domain name

Charm million yuan won the domain name, the seller had hit a lot of money to buy a car singl

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