[Abstract] webmasters do APP to meet the high cost of distribution and installation rate and low rate of open issues.

Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on May 19th

a few years ago, the station is dead, the argument has been in the Internet era has been shrouded in the halo of the group caused great repercussions. However, with the advent of the mobile Internet era, the webmaster has often sounded in the ears of the term seems to be more and more unfamiliar.

data show that China’s access to the Internet 20 years, the total amount of the site reached 3 million 507 thousand, of which about personal sites, accounting for more than 30%.

, a person familiar with the personal webmaster circle to the Tencent technology revealed that in the peak period of individual stationmaster, the number has reached 2 million, but with the advent of the mobile Internet, the owners of these only hundreds of thousands of. Other webmasters or diverted, or to make a transition to other products and services, the main reason is the change of the mobile terminal can not carry, or not make the content and topic of viscosity.

is called a "grassroots", because the owners of these common starting point is low, there is the beginning for enterprise website, a computer repair, there is a street vendor, but also reselling traffic, then slowly these grassroots webmaster has gradually developed, many of them have their own enterprises, in the development of the local is also very good.

and others, these in the mobile Internet era for transformation and breakthrough webmaster will spontaneously formed circle, have fixed exchange group, usually will talk about business or to share the experience of the article, there is an urgent demand for the transformation.

users are accustomed to change the flow of PC stagnation occurs

specializes in Nanchang local life, consumer information and emotion exchange community website to experience Baowang revealed the dilemma they have faced in the mobile Internet era to the science and technology Tencent.

treasure network editor in chief Xiao Ming said that the mobile Internet is not the opportunity to "see", but have to face, "it’s like Taishan, pretend not to see is useless, can only choose how to face."

in the past year, Baowang PC side flow stagnant, part of the channel (such as a delicacy, news etc.) or decline phenomenon. But over the same period, the mobile terminal traffic has shown a ten fold surge.

Xiao Ming Tencent technology to further explain that the Wap station rose 40 times a year, App installed capacity and usage rose more than 15 times, the amount of users in the end of the introduction of WeChat rose in the past 12 months. Visible transition to the mobile terminal imminent."

transformation on the road to do App or do Wap

mobile Internet is a beautiful era, but the transition is not as smooth as the imagination, which experienced a variety of people only through the understanding. On the whole, the webmaster

Grassroots Adsense encounter mobile nternet challenge PC traffic stagnation

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