the success of and the reality of many industries that are seeking new flood poop marketing mode of electric saw an opportunity, Dangdang, where customers, Lasafo even three operators launched their own sale mode.

recently, the Jingdong brand positioning in the sale of the Jingdong group business officially launched. It is reported that " Jingdong; flash group " will follow the sale mode, the limit to the well-known brand, panic buying, big discounts as a breakthrough. Currently, Samsung, Braun, FOTILE, Ray-Ban, Durex, PHILPS, Rowley, AVENT health, Yunnan Baiyao and other brands, has identified the first Jingdong to join " flash group ".

differentiation is the key to

Vice president and general manager of Jingdong

group purchase division Zhang Shouchuan said, the Jingdong group will make full use of existing resources cooperation, for some high-quality brand buyout, customization, new features such as the exclusive debut for users, differentiated service.

According to

Zhang Shouchuan, the flash group hope to be differentiated into two kinds, one is the absolute difference of businesses for the Jingdong to provide exclusive new starting for a Jingdong or design some exclusive products; the other is a relative difference, that some well-known brands to cooperate with the Jingdong. Do some relative areas in the price or time interval.

BOE said, the sale mode is not simply a, there are already doing some very mature enterprises of similar services in North america. The future of the flash group may be able to predict the mode of its products on the platform to lead the season, to provide consumers with some leading market services.

Jingdong flash products logistics occupy an independent position in the internal resources of the Jingdong, the product to enter the flash bin after the reunification of the shipment. But Wang Shouchuan said that if some brand cooperation time is relatively long, the strength of the other side is also more familiar with, do not rule out the vendor side shipment.

Wang Shouchuan introduced the current Jingdong FLASH Group’s products are mainly well-known brands, and do not consider some innovative brand or lack of awareness of the brand.

earnings outlook can be

seems to Wang Shouchuan, the future of Jingdong’s flash group may become an independent operation of the sub brand, Jingdong is being carried out in this regard layout.

currently buy the industry profit model widely questioned, basically not buy website profit. But Wang Shouchuan believes that the profit model is also good flash group, according to its introduction, Jingdong is mainly on the location of the goods in accordance with the proportion of resources to charge, not like the traditional electricity supplier received fees. Flash business to the internal and external categories of all open, while internal and external products must be charged in accordance with the uniform standards of service charges.

Jingdong group is expected to be the core driving force to attract eyeballs to attract traffic, so Wang Shouchuan said that the current Jingdong flash line category is not much, there are some

Jingdong launched flash group said no poop sale mode

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