to say, do English station is to put English on advertising, advertising is to make the English high click, even if not at home than the click, click to make more of a lot. Do rely on advertising to make money, twice the result with half the effort why don’t we go to do? And domestic individual stationmaster spring fog. English may be a better choice. Do not stand in English and Chinese station is not much difference, the big may be content. In order to allow more people to understand the final details of this. The following simple steps:

a domain name, in the United States Yahoo or Godaddy registration, not English is not very good registration, Taobao search COM and then set the price of 13-16 yuan. You will find a lot of Yahoo and Godaddy generation registration. As long as you provide information to help you register the owner. Price can be said to be super cheap, do the same can be found in the domestic website to help them register. Domain names can be selected and you want to do the same point of the station. Remember, your website is for foreigners. Don’t use the Pinyin spelling. Use online translation, you know.

two, space, with the United states. If the station, to go to the IXWebHosting, support Alipay payment. Unlimited space flow database mailbox…… Send 3 COM, 15 independent IP, and so on, Baidu to find a lot of IXWebHosting discount code, buy a flower for only about $515 per year for 2 years. If only one station, Taobao it is very cheap for a year 15-30 yuan to buy the 100M spatial database and.

three, procedures, Joomla, Man Bo, SmartyCMS and pageadmin, it seems very popular abroad. If novice, you can use WordPress. There are many domestic programs is to support the front desk English, Chinese background. Of course, it depends on whether or not to meet the foreign browsing habits. Another point to say to do English station or to English utterly ignorant of friends. You just need to know a word, you can build a English station: my friend with the diypage beta program, the front desk is English, Chinese background, only need to input a word you want to promote English, can automatically prompt website according to search Google, according to the semantic selection, and then the program will automatically you just select the column according to the given words, dozens of phrases let you decide for the keyword column. Then the program will automatically generate web site home page, columns, automatically find English articles, automatic pseudo English original method of processing, automatic release. If you think WordPress English station is king, then diypage can be said above the automatic import to WordPress. Unfortunately this diypage program is still in beta, our people can only be used officially released. However, there is a good news, it is estimated that in mid January there is a formal version of the. Then please A5 buy it.


Cheap and simple way to make money in English stand

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